Computerized time space

There are moments when I sink deep

into a silence

so deep I hear myself thinking

I see and visualize

what I feel and the real is here

the depth is almost a

recuperation of the madness

of daily living –

of a pause

necessary for a restart

in this overly planned


time space


on loan

from my mind

Transforming into the collective view…

Our souls are floating

sometimes inhabiting us

while we live.

We are groomed in totality

brains wired

without connection

interconnected invisibly

in sync

with the greater outer controls

we have been occupied

with and without our consent

existing for years

we have already given up

many moons ago

Lorraine Campbell

May 19 2018


I love the word juxtaposition.
It sounds a little like I'm trying to exert a bit of language mastery.

Like I feel I know something
but could always be pretending when I compare a cat and a dog
snoring side by side and dreaming of running.

You put your thinking cap on,
your crazy thoughts might capture a mind in curious motion
and maybe,just maybe make some sense.

Or flying in an airplane to the other side of the world
and all the while thinking of how you can get back and organize your life.

Uttering juxtaposition makes me feel 
like I can take more than one chance
while placing my attention on a different task.

Maybe you understand where I am,
I mean it is a world of eternal risks and possibilities and improbabilities but positivity in all.

Only a linguist or a philosopher could tell us about the risks in using language with a twist!
Languages exist,like water as old as the oceans of humanity and 
which you and I find in a common voice.

The oceans are rising! 
I fear the change in the world that engulfs us 
in tides of unpredictable times.

I float away, find myself on dry ground - juxtaposed 
I am in a field of flowers and sunshine kisses my face
and the beach beckons me.

In a grey moment, the tram screeches to a halt and capitalism shouts at the doors of the eternal lights on 
the roadside

Luring your thoughts and mine with a grin and shine

Lorraine Campbell

©️ Copyright Lorraine Campbell